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Olga Andrino

Juego de pelote / 2006 / dimensiones variables / escultura-instalación (dibujo, puerta y escultura)

Diábolo / 2006 / dimensiones variables / Escultura-instalación (puerta y escultura de niña)

Ronda, ronda el que no se haya escondido que se esconda / 2006 / dimensiones variables / Escultura-instalación (puerta y escultura de niña)

El patio de mi casa… / 2006 / dimensiones variables / Escultura-instalación (3 puertas, dibujos y esculturas de niña)

Olga Andrino, with the special collaboration of Nacho Cano


On the occasion of the proximity of the Christmas holidays Olga Andrino, Burgohondo (Ávila), 1959, presents in the Blanca Soto Arte gallery an exhibition of works around the idea of memory, childhood and nostalgia for a lost paradise.

The sculptor addresses the theme of a lost childhood, of a world in which the way of playing, the approach to others and the simplicity of the traditional were the basis of learning and fun.


Thus, an obsolete, decadent world that exists only in the memory of a past time appears.  A memory that materializes in cement as a transmitter of memory and at the same time denotes fossilization of a world that is no longer possible, a way of being killed, like the fossil children that are his sculptures. A sad vision that leaves a silver lining thanks to the participation in this project by Nacho Cano, who, with his music, exorcises feelings of sadness and nostalgia, to transmute loss into reunion, both from the child's gaze and from the place of LEARNING AND PLAY, THE PATIO. The gallery thus becomes an (evocative) enclosure that emulates traditional playgrounds, where interior and exterior come together around the game as the main protagonist and where music takes on special relevance as a transmitter of the child's essence.

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