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14 Julio - 11 Septiembre 2004
Hermosilla 102, bajo




Participating artists:

PSJM, José Luis Serzo, Arturo Prins, Óscar Seco, Manuel Barbero, Jesús Zurita, Alejandro Gorafe, Marta Espinach, Che Marchesi, Rafa Gabino, Avelino Sala, Ángela Cuadra & Fernando Arrocha, Paco Mesa, Lola Marazuela, Santiago Talavera, Josechu Dávila




Like any good commander, one only has to throw the tomato at his head and hope that the expected wit explodes. Or not.

This is just one more pre-text for the grouping of a few focused ones.

An absurd motif capable of placing in a space-time a lot of objects and papers capable of approximating something  sufficiently undocumented for this type of thing to work.

The recipe is easy:

Take off your shoes and get your feet dirty like you've never worn them before.

Open your eyes as wide as you can.

Take the true and genuine artist attitude.

Select an object in your environment (with said attitude).

Light it in such a way that it seems that nothing else exists (a simple lamp is enough if the size allows it and all other lights are off)

Sit across from him and watch him closely.

Get into its essence to know what is the greatest aspiration of that object. His deepest design and longing.

Once this trance is done, proceed to intervene on the object (if necessary to help you fulfill your wish).

Graphically express on paper everything that happened (do not forget the genuine attitude of the artist in case it can be sold, even if later it is said that it is not made for those purposes)



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