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Ricardo Echevarría

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ricardo yosinyo.png



This exhibition shows the photographic works of the artist Ricardo Echevarría (Toledo 1972) from 1998 to the present. This exhibition also presents his latest video that gives its name to the exhibition, "yosinyo".


The large-format photographs reflect ambiguous architectural landscapes, with no before and no after, images that bring together past and future times ("retrofutures" series 1998-2000). Images that cross time and history in a definitive suspension of their signifier and meaning. ("what where" and "how to say" series 2002-2004)


This collection of images is characterized by its austerity and simplicity in a search for symmetry and subtle depth that characterizes the work of this artist. They are images that are the result of an estrangement from reality, of simultaneous denial and affirmation. The suspension of what is represented by this collection of images means that they are conceived as "definitive images" in the words of the author himself.


In the line of self-denial as an affirmative path, the video "yosinyo" is also presented. Conceived as a succession of looped sequences, we could almost say that they are "moving photographs" in which a distant gaze appears on a strange reality that manifests itself in events that go unnoticed. An estrangement from the real occurs repeatedly until it makes us question the very notion of the subject through a disidentification with the represented reality. "I am me because I am not me" is stated in this video work whose projection is made for the first time in this exhibition.


Ricardo Echevarría was born in Toledo in 1972. He has had individual and collective exhibitions at the Fundaciò la Caixa de Lleida, Sala El Rouser de Lleida, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Palau de la Virreina (Barcelona), Dárt center Santa Mónica (Barcelona) Museu De Granollers, Reus Reading Center, Alpha One Foundation (Miami-USA), SigloXXI Alternative in Malaga. His work has been present in international exhibitions such as Germinations X (Athens-Greece),  Cymar (Weimar- Germany) LACPS (Los Angeles), Forum Barcelona 2004. L'Oreal Award Finalist 2003.


Founder and promoter of aleph-arts in the 90s, he has worked in the multimedia world as an artist, curator and organizer of the online pavilion (Log.Os) of Spain in the last universal exhibition in Hannover. view at the following URL:



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