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Bigas Luna - "A FIOR DI PELLE"

26 mayo - 28 junio 2016
Calle Almadén, 13, Madrid
Bigas Luna - Venus-Callipigia
Bigas Luna - Poseidonea.
Bigas Luna - Lepura.
Bigas Luna - Maja.
Bigas Luna - Barbara.
Bigas Luna - La del fresco.
Bigas Luna - Amor Veneris
Bigas Luna - Colipoterra.


Bigas Luna entered the world of painting before the world of cinema and, according to himself, he never stopped painting. He defined his art as a painting and that is why the visual was a priority in his films. He understood cinema as a blank canvas and his scripts as one more surface on which to create, for him creation, whether in a format or another, was the purpose and that is how in his artistic universe the resources they intertwine and the themes appear, reappear and feed back into each other transversally.


Although Bigas Luna has been recognized for his cinematographic work, he always considered himself a painter and never left painting in which matter and the way it is transformed was one of his main inspirations. The exhibition  “A fior di pelle” that we are presenting offers the opportunity to contemplate  for the first time all these works brought together in Spain as a whole or a sum and to discover, thus , a part of Bigas Luna's creation so far little known.


“A fior di pelle” consists of 24 slides that  Bigas Luna discovered in his study in 1964, and_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1358 named the Goyesque title of "Maja". In 2012, a year before his death, he decided to retouch and manipulate them. Making cuts, painting over them and photographing them again, he took them to another dimension, maximizing them; he got  thus the result that we will exhibit at Photoespaña, a work as I say, which in Spain, has only been shown in his last exhibition at  Can Framis, at the Vila Foundation Barcelona houses.


These retouched slides show Bigas Luna's interest in technology and his essential relationship with it. He had previously done this same manipulation work with the series "Semillas" and the series "Ninots" maximize -small drawings-_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of a sheet, enlarging its size. . 

To understand the work of Bigas Luna it is important to observe it from the prism of dualities, as Calvino said, nothing exists without its opposite, because everything works in a binary way.


There is another duality that appears when Bigas Luna uses these works, elaborated from primitivism, intuition and chance to incorporate new technologies in them   Finally, the exhibition will highlight, once again, the importance of interrelation between disciplines. For him, you have to contemplate the works, understanding them from their entire process, you have to complete them with observation because they are a confluence of various disciplines and of all the Bigas Luna who intervene in them, the painter, the photographer, the filmmaker, the draughtsman, the writer... Because there is not just one Bigas Luna, but rather many who come together as one and offer us the chance to contemplate their universe and participate in it.




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