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 12 junio - 12 julio 2018

Calle Almadén 13, Madrid

Mairi Timoney - DIMENSIONS
Mairi Timoney - STILL I
Mairi Timoney - PASSING I
Mairi Timoney - PASSING V
Mairi Timoney - STRUCTURE III
Mairi Timoney - STRUCTURE V
Mairi Timoney - STRUCTURE VI
Mairi Timoney - STRUCTURE IV
Mairi Timoney - FORM
Mairi Timoney - VISIT I
Mairi Timoney - NIGHT FALL

Mairi Timoney collects images and materials from various sources that result in  her compositions.

The paintings that Mairi presents in the “Sight Lines” exhibition show her interest in building through the juxtaposition of different materials and different sources - paper, acrylic, wood, enamel, varnish, pencil and pen.

Timoney likes to create spaces that exude a sense of stillness and calm. The fragmented landscapes that appear in his work stem from an attraction to unknown environments,  silent, tranquil landscapes, architecture, and the lives and stories of the people who inhabit these spaces.

Mairi Timoney  lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. Trained at Edinburgh College of Art and at L'ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, France.

Since Mairi has exhibited her work at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. She was awarded the University of Edinburgh Barnson Bequest Award, Outstanding Emerging Artist to Invest in Saatchi Art and in 2017 was selected as a finalist for the Carlo Bonatto Minella Art Prize in Turin, Italy.

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