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"Work and Miracle"

 25 May 2019 - 29 June 2019 

Calle Almaden, 13 Madrid

Julio Verne II, 2009, Óleo y cera sobre lienzo, 195 x 165 cm
Cambio Climatico II, 2010, Técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 195 x 165 cm
Clearsea, 2011, Técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 195 x 165 cm
Vinculos (Bonds), 2007, Técnica mixta sobre papel, 70 x 100 cm
Geometrical Fleurs, 2017, Técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 125 x 220 cm
Sin Título, 2018, Técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 50 x 50 cm
Sin Título, 2013, Técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 40 x 40 cm
Sin Título, 2022, Óleo sobre lienzo, 170 x 105 cm

In a new exhibition space at C/Almadén 16, Madrid

"Personal works, loaded with strength and message from a personal language, where they explore different techniques that allow the author to transmit to the public, everything that would otherwise be impossible"

A collaborative initiative where each entity contributes its vision about diversity, Randstad Foundation, AON Foundation, and Grupo AMÁS, coordinated and directed by the Blanca Soto Gallery. 

The Randstad Foundation supports the labor integration of people with disabilities. Likewise, various awareness initiatives are carried out, where the reality of people with disabilities is made visible as an active part of society.

AMAS Social, is an organization that supports, protects and contributes so that each of these people and their families can develop their life project, as well as to promote their inclusion as full citizens, contributing to the creation of a fairer society. and solidarity. In 2013 AMAS created a space within its headquarters, in which creativity flowed naturally, working on different techniques and exploring the world of art and color.

This project has been possible thanks to the unconditional support of Fundación AON, among its lines of action is the promotion of art and culture, and thanks to its vision, we can affirm that we are going to carry out a professional project and capacity recognition, being able to show the work of these artists and expose it to the gaze of others.

The personalization of each idea has caused total involvement, it has been the common thread that has united all these artists full of creativity, enthusiasm and desire, reaffirming that they "can also".

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