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Event exhibition and promotion of art and current thought

13 noviembre - 13 diciembre 2014

Marco Talavera - Friday March 2, 2014, Grabado y Aguafuerte, 38 x 56 cm
Julia Varela - Goma de mascar, 2014, Escultura, Caja rectangular, esmalte gris, IP-Hone, altavoces,
Daniel Mayrit - Jonathan Sorrell, 2014, Impresión digital sobre aluminio, 40 x 30 cm
Ana Riaño - Jeff Koons. 24 de Dic., 2014, Técnica mixta, 40 x 20 cm
Ana Riaño - David Rodríguez Caballero. 20 de Enero, 2014, Técnica mixta, 40 x 20 cm
Manuel Sobreviela - Nothing scares me anymore, 2014, Fotografía sobre dibond, 80,5 x 59 cm
David Mayo - The introspective question of Challenger, 2013, Collage digital,45 x 85 cm
Diana Larrea & Andrés Senra - Plaza Solución, 2011, Impresión sobre dibond, 72 x 72 cm
Sonía Díaz y Gabriel Martínez - Bastard Art Review, 2014, Periódico impreso en rotativa, 29 x 39 cm
María Andrés Sanz - 0000003X, 2014, Fotografía, 55 x 55 cm


Lucas Agudelo

Maria Andres Sanz

Jorge Conde

Diana Larrea & Andrés Senra

Fermín Díez de Ulzurrun


Alice Gonzalez

Yolanda Dorda

david mayo

Daniel Mayrit

Ana Riano

Victor Ripoll

Manuel Sobreviela

sonia & gabriel

Marco Tavolaro

Julia Varela


Aquí y ahora is a project that tries to promote and disseminate the thoughts and work of different creators who are working in this time and current social and political context.

The idea is to be able to offer the possibility of making their work and thoughts known in a specific context within their own professional field.

To this end, it is proposed to use the usual channels and formats of the media, both public and institutional, giving the opportunity to exhibit in an art gallery at the same time that new dissemination channels are explored and used within the context of the network and the web 2.0 spirit. of virtual structures that interact with each other, promoting a more effective and extensive dissemination of the thought and work of the selected authors.

In this way, this event mainly focuses the diffusion in this network environment using specific cultural diffusion platforms or alternative divergent spaces such as social networks or the independent platform AIR. For this, a publication will be made with the works exhibited in the gallery accompanied by texts by the authors themselves, giving and recovering the importance of the voice and thought of the creator himself, not only of his action or specific work.

It is proposed to encourage and promote the diversity and breadth of new channels where art can interact in other social contexts, giving rise to a greater diversity and breadth of dissemination and development of current contemporary thought.


Text by Alicia González

We have pulled the stool out from under the feet of the powerful and now they sway  to the rhythm of their own lies. The streets are ours even if they don't want it: submerged in the counterculture that they have absorbed so many times, we create our own defense weapons against the fallacy. Our interpretation of the facts is individual, violently unique, because surely taking refuge in the collective has led us to this. We do not seek credit, nor honors, we are the authors of dazibaos with which we display our complaint, not as a refuge, not as a strike, without political intention, because our expression is the perfidious tool with which to section the social inconsistencies of a contemporary that does not convince us We overcome apathy from the sidelines, because on the edges of conventional life we are less observed, although some have come to the conclusion that they would have to keep us in quarantine so that the epidemic of freedom could be controlled.

We live demonized, because we are obliged to build every day the universe on which to build our future, diminished, besieged and erased by those who assured that they had us in their electoral programs or in their prayers. None of that matters to us, the manifesto of this generation of athletes is to endure suffocation taken to the extreme to, from there, expel the breath that has been held so many times in the form of creative disobedience, annul paralysis to move with it the convulsively asleep and rub the happiness that so anguishes the jailers, because we are the evidence that the Here and Now is our prison Notebook, written every minute.

Faced with the grimaces of correction, our program of activities contemplates undressing the official saints of fashion to present our bodies as the only instrument, retracing the paths of institutionalized prose to make a universally valid discourse for each one of us, the one that you and you elaborate.  We are insurgents to the grammar that shapes our combat, distorting it to the point of making us think that manicure is more important than manufacturing crafts. We know where our autonomy comes from, even though we don't know where it leads us and we feed on dark misery, on what standardized readings have disdained. The agitation of the moment has prevented us from sitting down to choose and that is why we have raised the flag of active surveillance from all the vantage points that the creators of the system left unguarded.

We do not want to have narrative tension, we are fed up with those who see fluctuating vitality in us. We don't want to change the structures, because that would be keeping the building standing, with a different decoration, but the same artifice. The rope is slowly being stretched by proposals touring the suburbs, but no one wants to see the knot around their neck. They have realized that the curfews, the fences, the alerts are useless because thought is resistant, but we cannot suffer from the accommodative disease, labeling ourselves with the colors of those who we could consider our comrades, because as the community member said Jules Vallès: “in hard times, you had to dream of the remedy against hunger and ruminate on the fresh articles of a code of human justice! What do you bring back, from the bottom of your horrendous youth?

And it is that horror, that of the personal abyss, that we cross for each spectator, maliciously inviting each one to cross their own, because once the fear of the precipice of individuation is lost, all that remains is to create.



Aquí y Ahora VIII


Iñaki Domingo, Ana Frechilla, Fuerdcarta, Anna Gimein, Estelle Jullian, Jorge Lopéz Muñoz, Leticia Martínez Pérez, Elvira Palazuelos, Miquel Ponce Díaz, Javier Rodríguez Pérez, María Romero Pérez, Alfons Simó, Leire Urbeltz, Paula Valdeón Lemus, Katarzyna Wiesiolek.

Aquí y Ahora VII


Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Yone Estivariz, Esmeralda Gómez, Mario Gutiérrez Cru, Elena Jimenez, Irma Marco, Gordon Matta-Clark, Alsira Monforte, Acaymo S. Cuesta, Ianire Sagasti, David Salcedo, Tondo Smiling, Verónica Vicente, Yves Klein.

Aquí y Ahora VI


María Alcaide, Pablo Bellot, Clément Carat, Alvaro Chior, Jennifer Custodio, Julio Falagán, Urtzi Ibargüen, Davis Lisboa, Céleste Rogosin, Estela Sanchis, Amélie Scotta, Valcárcel Medina.

Aquí y Ahora V


Emi Anrakuji, Alvaro Campo, Adrián Castañeda, Yassine  Chouati, Jon Gorospe, Julia Martos, Jorge Pérez Higuera, Antonio Samo, Santiago Serra.

Aquí y Ahora IV


Lorena Arévalo, Nociones Comunes, Renata Cruz, Alberto Gil, Iker Lemos, Diego Lopéz, Luis Melón, Elia, Núñez, Cristina Spinelli, Mirimari Vayrynen, Jesús Zurita.

Aquí y Ahora II


Josechu Dávila, José Luis de la Perra, Marta Domingo, Miquel Ángel Fúnez, Miquel García, Rosalía García Pérez, Andrea Hauer, Miriam Isasi, Guillem Juan Sancho, Miquel Ollé, Belén Quejigo, Jesús Perea, Eduardo Pérez Salguero, Are You Dead?, Colectivo Daños Colaterales.

Aquí y Ahora I


María Acuyo Iriarte, Lourdes de la Riva, Cristina Fontsaré, Olalla Gómez, Edurne Herran, Joaquín Lara, Joan Morera Arbones, Jonathan Notario, Julio Serramián Bernal, Mawa Tres & Maite Leyun.

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