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What is the Here and Now project?

Aquí y ahora is a project that tries to promote and disseminate the thoughts and work of different creators who are working in this time and current social and political context.


The idea is to be able to offer the possibility of making their work and thoughts known in a specific context within their own professional field.


To this end, it is proposed to use the usual channels and formats of the media, both public and institutional, giving the opportunity to exhibit in an art gallery at the same time that new dissemination channels are explored and used within the context of the network and the web 2.0 spirit. of virtual structures that interact with each other, promoting a more effective and extensive dissemination of the thought and work of the selected authors.


In this way, this event mainly focuses the diffusion in this network environment using specific cultural diffusion platforms or alternative divergent spaces such as social networks or the independent platform AIR. For this, a publication will be made with the works exhibited in the gallery accompanied by texts by the authors themselves, giving and recovering the importance of the voice and thought of the creator himself, not only of his action or specific work.


It is proposed to encourage and promote the diversity and breadth of new channels where art can interact in other social contexts, giving rise to a greater diversity and breadth of dissemination and development of current contemporary thought.

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