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Event exhibition and promotion of art and thought

01 diciembre 2016 - 10 enero 2017

"Todos para uno", Adrián Castañeda
"Revolutio", Yassine Chouati.
Serie "O Mapa", Emi Anrakuji.
Serie "Enviroments", Jon Gorospe.
"Escorzo en tres actos",Julia Martos
Serie "En Observación", Jorge Pérez.
"Chico con calavera", Antonio Samo.
"No", Santiago Sierra.


emi anrakuji

Alvaro Campo

Adrian Castaneda

Yassine Chouati

Jon Gorospe

Julia Martos 

Jorge Perez Higuera

Anthony Samo

santiago sierra


In this fifth edition of Here and Now and under the link or slogan "Reveal and Rebelar" participate, among other creators, the Japanese photographer Emi Anrakuji, being the first time she exhibits her works in Spain, the Moroccan author Yassine Chouati, or also Santiago Sierra, in addition to las  interesting proposals from the authors that complete the sample and who develop their lines of research from different formal and conceptual fields.


Proposals that, a priori, seem random but that make up a complex puzzle or Atlas of creative processes that interact with each other, forming a mesh or network, as a "structure" in process and in constant change or mutation that, without a doubt, contribute to form the bases, pillars, of current thought determining our mental and emotional "landscape".


Thus, in this way Aquí y Ahora is conceived as a constant work in progress, a process of summation of the contributions from the works of the creators that in the different editions are enriching and completing that vision or panorama of an apparently fragmented reality, but which paradoxically corresponds to that fluid and continuous knowledge that envelops everything.


In this edition, already the fifth, and continuing with the political-social strategic positioning of the Aquí y Ahora (AyA) program whose fundamental objective is to manifest and demonstrate the true usefulness, application, use and functions of research within the field of creation. contemporary, we have chosen the motto Reveal and Rebelar.


As such, they are homophones, which means that they are pronounced the same, but differ in the way they are written.


To reveal means to discover or manifest what was unknown, hidden or secret. A truth is revealed, a clue, an indication... In its pronominal form, to reveal itself, it can acquire the meaning of showing itself and  to bring to light something latent, which remained hidden and/or went unnoticed .


To rebel means to rise up or raise someone against something or someone. In its pronominal form, rebel is equivalent to resist, insubordinate or refuse to obey certain habits or orders. The rebellion, as a certainty and deep conviction of change and civil disobedience.


From there we have proposed a new word inventing a new letter that would acquire the double function of V and B to bring together all this meaning in a single sound attached to the letter T relative to the interpellation and individual introspection of the fact of self-revealing (reveal-T ) in a search for self-knowledge and personal identity, and that as a consequence and evidence, the action of rebelling-T is deduced.


Rebel arT Concept completed with the reading about the idea of rebellious, marginal, peripheral and dissident art at the same time that it claims to art, revel-artTe, its authentic and true original function of showing, teaching and revealing the deep and continuous knowledge of the becoming of time



previous context


The structures are also changing in art. That is why through the plurality of new communication channels alternatives arise, new different ways of producing art or rather creative thinking. Also different ways of being communicated in peripheral and divergent spaces, creating new alternative and open discourses that coexist with the usual ways of diffusion within the market and structure of art. This also determines the form, method and meaning of art in our time. It redefines its sphere of action and influence in other spaces or communities that were previously alien to it or that did not even exist until recently, in different, mixed and interrelated contexts with other languages and modes of communication.

This event tries in a modest and very limited way, as far as possible, to reflect those nuances and changes in the creative thinking of artists who live this reality and this change, which so much determines their way of working and thinking "Here and Now".




Aquí y Ahora VIII


Iñaki Domingo, Ana Frechilla, Fuerdcarta, Anna Gimein, Estelle Jullian, Jorge Lopéz Muñoz, Leticia Martínez Pérez, Elvira Palazuelos, Miquel Ponce Díaz, Javier Rodríguez Pérez, María Romero Pérez, Alfons Simó, Leire Urbeltz, Paula Valdeón Lemus, Katarzyna Wiesiolek.


Aquí y Ahora VII


Enar de Dios Rodríguez, Yone Estivariz, Esmeralda Gómez, Mario Gutiérrez Cru, Elena Jimenez, Irma Marco, Gordon Matta-Clark, Alsira Monforte, Acaymo S. Cuesta, Ianire Sagasti, David Salcedo, Tondo Smiling, Verónica Vicente, Yves Klein.


Aquí y Ahora VI


María Alcaide, Pablo Bellot, Clément Carat, Alvaro Chior, Jennifer Custodio, Julio Falagán, Urtzi Ibargüen, Davis Lisboa, Céleste Rogosin, Estela Sanchis, Amélie Scotta, Valcárcel Medina. 

Aquí y Ahora IV


Lorena Arévalo, Nociones comunes, Renata Cruz, Alberto Gil, Iker Lemos, Diego López, Luis Melón, Elia Núñez, Cristina Spinelli, Mirimari Vayrynen, Jesús Zurita.

Aquí y Ahora III


Lucas Agudelo, María Andrés Sanz, Jorge Conde, Diana Larrea & Andrés Senra, Fermín Déz de Ulzurrun, Dosjotas, Alicia González, Yolanda Dorda, David Mayo, Daniel Mayrit, Ana Riaño, Victor Ripoll, Manuel Sobreviela, Sonia & Gabriel, Marco Tavolaro, Julia Varela.

Aquí y Ahora II


Josechu Dávila, José Luis de la Perra, Marta Domingo, Miquel Ángel Fúnez, Miquel García, Rosalía García Pérez, Andrea Hauer, Miriam Isasi, Guillem Juan Sancho, Miquel Ollé, Belén Quejigo, Jesús Perea, Eduardo Pérez Salguero, Are You Dead?, Colectivo Daños Colaterales.


Aquí y Ahora I


María Acuyo Iriarte, Lourdes de la Riva, Cristina Fontsaré, Olalla Gómez, Edurne Herran, Joaquín Lara, Joan Morera Arbones, Jonathan Notario, Julio Serramián Bernal, Mawa Tres & Maite Leyun.

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