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Nicola Constantino

Caja metálica nº6 (ternero mediano) / 2005 / caja de hierro cromado y figura de aluminio y resina / 54 x 48 x 14 cm

Caja metálica nº4 (ternero pequeño)

Caja metálica nº4 (ternero pequeño)

2005 / caja de hierro cromado y figura de aluminio y resina / 54 x 48 x 14 cm

Caja metálica nº5

Caja metálica nº5

2005 / Caja de hierro cromado y figura de aluminio y resina / 62 x 84 x 14 cm

Caja metálica nº1 (pareja de ternero y caballo) / 2005 / caja de hierro cromado y figura de aluminio y resina / 54 x 91 x 14 cm

aja blanca (ternero pequeño) / 2005 / Caja de madera y figura de silicona / 54 x 50 x 14 cm

2 Chanchobolas / 2006 /1ª 50 cm diámetro; 2ª 30 cm diámetro / aluminio y resina

Máquina para ternero sentado / 2004 / hierro cromado y motor / 62 x 35 x 45 cm

Máquina para ternero rumiante que camina con velocidad variable / 2004 / hierro cromado y motor / 120 x 40 x 45 cm

Blanco y negro, según Man Ray / 2006 / fotografía de placa digitalizada, enmarcada / 30 x 40 cm



Savon de corps / 2004 / instalación completa: Blacklight, exhibidor + jabón, vídeo / 150 x 200 cm



Savon de corps, Blacklight con imagen publicitaria / 2004 / 150 x 200 cm. / caja de luz con duratrans



Savon de corps, Exhibidor / 2004 /Acrílico, mármol de carrara, jabón y jabonera de resina / 50 x 34 x 17 cm

Corset de tetillas / 2000/ silicona y tela / 30 x 25 x 17 talle 42

Zapatos de tetillas / 2006 / talla 38 / silicona cuero

Carteras Hermès de tetillas / 2005 / silicona cuero

Carteras Hermès de tetillas, corset y zapatos de tetillas / 2005-2000-2006 / silicona cuero

Pelotas de fútbol de tetillas y culitos rosas y chocolates / 2000 / 22 cm. diámetro / Silicona tela

Savon de corps, Film comercial / 2004 / 59 segundos / Digi Beta



nicola costantino, (Rosario, Argentina, 1964) one of the most significant artists on the Latin American scene presents, coinciding with the opening of the new 07/06 season, a set of works belonging to her trabajos Animal Motion Planet_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_y Savon de coprs.


Animal Motion Planet  is an installation of orthopedic machines for unborn animals: calves and horses. These machines have different functions: walking, chewing   in the manner of ruminant calves, raising their legs and bowing their heads, as rearing horses do.

These complex instruments, prepared to hold the body of the animal and give it the movements it would make if it were alive, for a moment give the appearance of  life to these bodies, puppetizing them, albeit with a positivist attitude, the modern spirit that defies nature is emulated, denying the indefectible in a naive effort, and in this case, meaningless.


savon de corps , Nincola Costantino's soap, is a luxury cosmetic item. It is a multiple of 100 soaps containing 3 percent fat from the artist's body. This adipose tissue (which amounts to two kilos) was obtained from a liposuction that Costantino underwent for this project. The soap is shaped like a female back, waist and hip, and its gourmet aroma is sweet: caramel milk.

The work consists of the launch of Savon de Corps by means of the advertising strategy  cosmetics with an identification of the public famous person such as a model or actress, and not in the article itself. In Savon de Corps, Nicola does not appear because she is the face but rather the raw material of the product.


Costantino's acid look at the body industry takes shape in a soap with which the public will not buy the image, but the body of the model, in a new conception of consumption. The erotic offer goes further: the body soap is there to wash us by coming into contact with another body.


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