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 17 noviembre 2015 30 enero 2016
C/ Independencia 4, 3º



José Luis Santalla

Ruth Quirce

manuel barber

dry oscar

Paula Anta

Chus García Fraile 

Manuel Saro

Opening Nov. 17 from 7-10pm Blanca Soto Art in ArtBox, C/ Independencia 4, 3º
Del 17 Nov. a 30 de Enero 2016. 


Blanca Soto Arte presents a collective exhibition of eight artists at the  Art Box space, an annex of the BLANCA SOTO gallery on Calle Independencia nº 4, 3rd floor (Madrid). This exhibition includes a selection of works by the following artists: Manuel Saro, Chus García Fraile, Manu Muñoz, JL Santalla, Ruth Quirce, Manuel Barbero, Oscar Seco, Paula Anta and Myriam Flórez.


The space in continuous movement and change aims to present an unusual exhibition design outside the gallery but forming part of it as a second venue, bringing the works of our artists closer to a place that becomes an exhibition, hosting works that give solidity and furnish it. with different discourses and formats. A space built to get lost and appreciate art in the center of Madrid. The works invite you to enjoy the exhibition, mixing a diversity of styles by these eight artists in which the theme of nature contrasts with the rigidity of constructivism and winks at the urban lines of the city.

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