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13 ctubre - 13 noviembre 2015

Calle Almadén 13, Madrid

Kiddy Citny
Kiddy Citny
Kiddy Citny
Kiddy Citny
Muro Kiddy Citny
Kiddy Citny


      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      A principios de the 80s “the boy from the city”,kiddy citny, defined the Berlin Wall on Waldemar Street in the Kreuzberg neighborhood as his workshop. Born in Stuttgart, Kiddy Citny is one of the best known "painters of the Wall".



“The wall paintings arose because Thierry Noir and I wanted to take the Wall to the absurd, as an anti-fascist protective wall. We wanted to enclose the city of Berlin through Art and we began to paint hundreds of meters”. Citny's works and paintings, of intense colors, are the expression of a positive vital feeling, symbolizing a world of poetry and the yearning for indispensable union and love. They transmit an optimistic faith for a promising future. Through simple metaphors, Citny shows complex themes such as peace and freedom, will and responsibility, sensitivity and tenderness. Heart-shaped faces, crowned heads that express “that each person should feel like a king”. As well as the motif of the globe surrounded by arms, which wants to remind us that we must take care of the world.


After the fall of the Wall, the paintings have been interpreted as a symbol of the new freedom. Citny plays with codes or elements that are familiar. Also inherent in his composition is the dialectic between the motifs or elements that speak for themselves, and an obvious verbalization. Around the bodies and heads wind hieroglyphic pictograms and epigrammatic lines, words or phrases, with a graphic that traces on the plane of the image as a speaking decoration. The symbols function not only as simple writing, but as the signature of the artist.


Citny's new works reflect an extract or detail from the frenetic news. Spontaneously, with a quick line and explosive colors, the artist achieves a movement and expression in which the viewer is trapped. The works maintain the typical language of Citny, with figures, lewd in appearance, that gradually dissolve and take on a life of their own. The interaction and interrelation between the gesture, the idea and the color is such that it seems almost impossible to find the beginning. The artist discharges with impetus and pure sensuality the juxtaposition of the inner and outer world. It is about that intermediate moment, that of the threshold between reality and fantasy, that of the interaction between desire, power and love. According to Citny "the hand does not follow the head, but the need"; the need for expression, the desire for truthfulness. The bodies, mostly female, intertwine and remind the observer of the grace of the union of la  humanity. The physical as the most direct expression of love -erotic and without limits-, as an invitation for each one to face their desires without fear and with self-determination.


Citny's communicative and positive creativity refers to a wide range of interpretations, with different approaches and intentions. "Look, everything you can see!", get closer to each other, seek exchange, laugh, enjoy together -one for and with the other-. “In my work it is important that the works inspire, that they have soul. It is then that time becomes infinite. The work always has a very dynamic component. The Nothing and the Everything have a soul. An active life, life with strength... being active... energy and a lot of love for life. This is how from the seed, the plant came to life.”

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