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Pepe Yagües

In Mens Laica

In Mens Laica



It is difficult to separate the work of Pepe Yagües from a fable of life narrated as a secret of circumstances in which we perceive the human being in his nakedness, the individual that we all are in the daily ritual of our desires, our ghosts or our dreams. .

Between irony and humor, the work of Yagües, as well as his multidisciplinary capacity to touch genres beyond the specific nomenclature of sculpture, merges his gaze with painting or engraving, with design or drawing.

His fables are structured in a language that implies the paradoxical and a subtle play on words that feeds a figurative iconography that breaks scales and synthesizes, in exquisite poetic depth, classical mythology and the present, the Dada humor of Hausmann or Ernst. and the memory that can embrace Picasso's minotaur in time and the sexual and Dionysian frenzy of Matisse's dance. An Eros and a Thanatos that Yagües reinvents in Borgian terms, resorting to the popular wink and the cultured quote, the myth and the jargon, the vertigo and the world of dreams, the love and humor that underlie the new possibilities in a dilution. of genres that brings together the old materials from iron to paper, through aluminum, walnut, marble and brass, wood and water.


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