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Ruth Quirce

30 octubre 2013

Calle Almadén 13, Madrid

El instante decisivo III
El instante decisivo II
Componiendo una entropía IV
El instante decisivo I
Componiendo una entropía III
Entropía  XVI
El instante decisivo V
“Sin título”
“Sin título”
Entropía XVI
“Sin título”
“Componiendo una entropía II”
“Sin título”

“The Decisive Instant” is actually a continuation of his previous work “Entropy” in which he focused on the creative tension that occurs between chaos and order, which is an important part of how the universe works.


In those infinite movements that take place in the universe, he wanted to highlight the "decisive moment", which he has frozen in the images for this exhibition, a term used by Oscar Alonso Molina in a text about his latest exhibition.


With the firm conviction that what happens around us is a faithful reflection of what happens in the universe, there are certain moments that are a very important turning point both in one place and in the other. It is a mysterious, magical, powerful moment.

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