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Santiago Talavera

"Sin Título 01"
"Sin Título 02"
"Sin Título 03"
"Sin Título 04"
Las Aperturas
Desde el Vomitorio
Desde el Vomitorio detalle
Desde el Vomitorio detalle
Donde Viví y para Que

Talavera has pointed out that 'En la vida anterior' “is a project that arises from the need to raise awareness and in which the imaginative possibilities of drawing and painting are addressed to recreate other lives and other places”.

In this sense, the artist affirms that "there is no resounding concept that encompasses this work, but rather an intention to develop a new landscape with a series of reflections on how, in today's life, we have difficulty experiencing and addressing the nature".
“I try to talk about an interior landscape and the need that we have today to find new spaces for intimacy”, points out Talavera, who adds that “we live in globalized spaces in which we really need to imagine better places”.
For this, the artist has worked most of his works on paper and canvas, although he has also incorporated audiovisual material to recreate scenarios. In these scenes, saturated colors, collage and images with very bright colors prevail with the aim of drawing the viewer's attention so that they make a more sensory and intellectual reading of the work.
Another of the formal aspects that characterize the work of Santiago Talavera is the mixture of Western and Eastern aesthetics that, in some of the pieces, recreate the aesthetics of the Japanese Baroque.

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