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Iván Gómez

Proyecto in vitro

Proyecto in vitro

In vitro - Iván Gómez


Iván Gómez-España (Madrid, 1979) presents, in his first exhibition at Blanca Soto, a set of works titled In Vitro with which the young creator reflects on inherent issues to representation through photographs and a video installation. In this video installation, the centerpiece of the show and the one that gives it its title, Gómez-España places a character (the artist?) in front of an operating table on which he makes something similar to a dessert in an image that could Taken from TV cooking shows. The alteration of the perceptive thread through the cadence of the tempo and the deliberate and desperately slow movements of the protagonist, as well as the coldness of the scene, increase an atmosphere of confusion while referring to the successive pieces in the exhibition: in firstly, to a light box, to which he joins us, through headphones, with a disturbing sound that links us back to the initial piece; and, also, to the impassive image of the characters who, behind us, remain totally oblivious, wrapped in an icy atmosphere. Gómez-España has created a compact narrative set forged through paradox and nonsense. There is a disturbing air that keeps the viewer in permanent doubt due to the feeling of not knowing if they are in a realm or fiction. The clearly theatrical orchestration of the ensemble pieces and their aroma of unreality contrasts with the sharpness of the photographs, all of them impeccable. 




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