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19 - 23 febrero 2014
C/ Hortaleza, Madrid

José Luis Serzo - El sueño del Rey de la República
José Luis Serzo - Pura vanidad
El sueño de las últimas cien noches
José Luis Serzo - Todo lo innecesario
José Luis Serzo - Destronose
José Luis Serzo - De oro, lana y humo
José Luis Serzo - El Rey esclavo
José Luis Serzo - Permanecer en la inocencia corderal
José Luis Serzo - El ejecutivo Frai-gorrino
Jesús Zurita - Barranco I
Jesús Zurita - Barranco III
Jesús Zurita - Barranco IV
Jesús Zurita - Barranco IV





Jose Luis Serzo

Jesus Zurita



"THE DREAM OF THE KING (of the Republic)"


Jose Luis Serzo


The exhibition of drawings that José Luis Serzo is presenting at JustMadrid is the beginning of a new series that will be entitled The Dream of the King (of the Republic). This will be complemented by the intervention that on those same days can be seen at the National Museum of Decorative Arts during the exhibition "Objects of Desire", curated by Carlos Delgado Mayordomo.

As usual in Serzo's work, the world of the subconscious represents for the artist that great "monster" to face, but also that great lover, with whom he feels comfortable playing to discover his limits, going through its infinite nooks and crannies.

The author is aware that in transit through the "unknown", one can grow and learn about oneself in a revealing way.  Therefore, on this occasion and as he has already done in In other previous ones, dreams will be that mysterious "other side", which work as a cathartic vehicle to reveal the most hidden desires of its protagonist.

The dream of the king (of the republic) tells the story of an anonymous king who for some time now has dreams that disturb him; in them he sees himself as a shepherd, as a free man in full communion with his cattle and with nature. This is how our protagonist realizes that he really dreams of being "another", an "other" much more faithful to himself, more authentic, true and free.  Our king dreams of being owner of his life and his destiny; dreams of freeing himself from heavy gold chains, which, although they may appear to be immensely beautiful, deprive him of his inner beauty...


Jesus Zurita


The drawings made for this project have not been made as a series. They have been designed to function autonomously, as a pure resonance, spice or aroma: the sense of the definitive, of the irrevocable.

Let's observe each scene as the recipient of some decisions and some facts with no possible return; its protagonists can only wait for their fate in solitude, past the suffocation of waiting, of possibilities. Note the accent on the hopeless and twilight to your greater delight, dear dilettante, in search of your tired attention always attentive to misery and the morbid. Let's remember that liquor tastes better when we know of a massacre. The circle of blood.

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