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José Luis Serzo

Como un señor
Artefacto luminoso
El Hombre Selvático
El viejo Aaron
Cómo piensan los nativos
En el interior
Eva y los otros
Ciervo Blanco
Familia Gómez
Gonzalus del Olmo.jpg
Boceto para la instalación
Illán como Mr Fox
Illán De Montain
Gonzalus en las alturas
El Intuitivo
La reunión
Los pies, las raíces
Lydia & Maya
Illán De Montain
Mr Salvaner White
Lorick 1
Mr Cristoff
Narrator de Los Señores del Bosque
Lorick 2
Tras el telón
El Alma del Mundo
Juanjo as Mr Kanin
Sin título
The Kann Song
Una sutil invitación
Alfred de cook
Mr. Kanin
Gonzalus Kingwood
The Big Esquivo
Sin título
La infanta Cristina
Sin título
Sin título
Uno de los centros del Bosque
JJKanin en el Bosque
Alfred the Cook
Sin título
Mr Yecly
Sin título

The Blanca Soto gallery presents the first part of the latest José Luis Serzo project entitled "Los Señores del Bosque" one of the artist's most ambitious projects, since it not only delimits one of his personal, bizarre and extensive series, but also extends with a parallel curated project under the subtitle "Las 1001 caras del daimon", and where Serzo, in collaboration with the La Lisa gallery (Albacete), will bring together a series of artists who, in his opinion, address the elusive and suggestive concept of the "daimonic".


El proyecto Los Señores del Bosque  trata de una nueva serie donde Blinky Rotred, el alter ego_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_and narrator of most of Serzo's stories, introduces us through a new highly metaphorical story into the fascinating world of the subconscious and its immeasurable symbolic recesses. With this new journey, Serzo shows us an elusive mundo daimónico, a concept of Platonic heritage that would serve to bring together all those beings that serve to unite the real world with the imaginary. This project intends to be a hymn to the so-called "soul of the world", even to the Jungian collective subconscious. This inexplicable part of our being is, starting from a branch of thought that could mark a line from Plato, Hermes Trimegistus, to the Pythagoreans, the Neoplatonists or the magicians of the Renaissance, the alchemists, passing through the romantic poets up to CG Jung himself. , the one that connects us with the soul of all things in nature.


The protagonists, then, are pseudo-archetypal beings that could be daemons themselves, because although their appearance is human, many details will lead us to locate them  among those beings belonging to a collective fable, halfway between imagination and reality. Daimons populate countless legends, myths, cultures and religions,  serving humanity to represent certain universal archetypes and/or purge in some way the oppressive reasoning and the tendency towards "literalization"_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of all the facts of nature.


This forest will be populated by the most peculiar and hyperbolic beings and characters, somehow representing the archetypes of the subconscious of Blinky  (or of the author, since all the  personajes  will be his closest friends and will carry out their own role rescued from an "other world").


Once again, as has become traditional in Serzo's work, the exhibition space will be transformed into a magical container, an atanor in full process where the viewer will be able to enter another fascinating world full of symbology. Full process where the viewer can enter another world.

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