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Jonathan Notario

17 abril - 18 mayo 2015

Calle Almadén 13, Madrid

The best version of yourself
Maqueta Moon Park
Maqueta Moon Park
Maqueta Moon Park
Maqueta Moon Park
La historia de Moon park
Music Battle
Acces Gate
Worker Man Office
Music Battle
Chroma dreams

reality is stranger than science fiction

Moon Park, arises from a real event: the purchase by the artist of lunar land from the American company "Lunar embassy", to build a theme park  in which Any thing is possible.

My work deals with how creativity and the art system   can make impossible dreams come true without the need for money and great means.

I use art as a simulation game   from which to reflect on the human being, questioning the way in which fiction and reality are related to each other.

For this I use a didactic, relational, empathetic and respectful work with the viewer, through creativity and humor.

My projects   are usually participatory and play at simulating popular and playful aspects that everyone can identify with, and end up forming part of their collective imagination, such as  Worker Man, the doll that replaces me at work, the paste covers holes, or the anti-discussion atomic bomb.

I use painting, drawing, photography, video  and installation, and I usually use materials such as wood, cardboard, paper, and plastic through artisanal and low-budget techniques to simulate industrial representation processes or high-end standardized  and colossal budgets such as  the toy industry, visual merchandising, the world of cinema, the book industry, the creation of _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_theme parks, etc…

My sources of inspiration do not necessarily come from art but also from other forms of fiction such as comics, literature, the classic tale and cinema.

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