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Camila Sposati

Fabiano Gonper

Philip Barbosa

Jorge Menna Barreto

Lia Chaia

rosana ricalde

Tatiana Blass

Lucas Bambozzi

The proposal behind an exhibition that aims to show artists of the same nationality in an international context is an attempt to displace a certain group of artists with a dialogue of contemporary and generational production.


This group of artists is an example of a generation that shows great research and ease in Brazilian art; of a production that, beyond being based on the two important movements in the history of Brazilian art such as tropicalism and constructivism, is faithfully linked to the current situation, reflecting not only the economy but also the possibility of transforming an art , before local, in global.


It is important to highlight that with the different reactions of the local market and other cultural agents, Brazilian art today assumes a fundamental role  in the formation of a new national identity whose interest is to generate common parallel lines with artists from other countries, creating a strong representation of a generation born at a pivotal moment for contemporary art today.


We can say that today Brazilian art already has its space in the international circuit and that cultural creation - already consolidated - reflects the desires and  the questions of a group that is no longer concerned with changing its reality if not to work with her.


These artists represent many others who, with this new cultural position of the country, are no longer seen as young artists but rather as an established production that will grow together with national projection.


This exhibition also works as a biographical attempt, where I decide to position myself as a spectator, from a generation prior to that of these artists and see the works as historical documents of this "other generation".

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