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14 junio - 23 julio 2011
Calle Alameda 18, Madrid

Vista Exposición
Vista Exposición
Vista Exposición
Vista Exposición
Vista Exposición
Vista Exposición
Mariana e amiga
Menina na laje


This work addresses the changes in the landscape of Rio de Janeiro.


The relationship between man and nature  has transformed the city and the landscape has acquired new contours. Claudia Jaguaribe's images show this new reality in which the city extends over the hills and nature gradually loses ground. His photographs, taken from numerous points of view, show different parts of the city and marginal neighborhoods, showing the complexity of this new reality. Completing these panoramas of the city, the libraries, images made based on photographs of different forest regions of Rio de Janeiro,  appear as imaginary archives of this nature that is transformed in the face of urban pressures .


Claudia Jaguaribe is from Rio de Janeiro, lives and works in São Paulo. Since 1982 he has participated in exhibitions in important museums and art galleries in Brazil and abroad. His training is in Art History, Art and Photography. His production is characterized by an intense plastic investigation that uses different means to deal with various themes of the contemporary era. His work ranges from the creation of images displaced from their original meaning, such as la Serie Azul, Amores Brutos_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf59y_136bad5cf59y bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Ma Femme, hasta trabajos de corte documental donde reelabora el propio formato de la documentación como en Corpo da Cidade y en Você Tem Medo do That. In the last 6 years he has returned to the matter of reinventing the landscape and nature of the serie Cuando eu vi.


In 2010 he received the Marc Ferrez Photography Award from Funarte for proyecto O seu caminho.


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