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Paco Mesa y Lola Marazuela - PARALELO 45º 25’ NORTE

10 junio - 25 julio 2009
Calle Alameda 18, Madrid

PARALLEL 45º25' NORTH is a project consisting of going around the world on this terrestrial parallel (France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Mongolia, Japan, USA and Canada) marking it every 100 km or less with a metal plate.



– a radical drawing idea

- an adventure

– a geographical exploration mission


– a discipline

– a line where Art and Life come together


So far we have placed and documented 81 plates between the US and Canada, and 40 between France and the Kerch Strait (Crimea).


1. USA-Canada

Plate 81 from Chedabucto Bay (Nova Scotia, Canada) west to Netarts Bay (Oregon, US).


2. France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine.

Plate 40 from Grayan-L'Hôpital (France) to the Kerch Strait (Ukraine).


In this exhibition we present the European part of the project

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