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Szymon Roginski. UFO PROJECT

5 junio - 21 julio 2012
Calle Alameda 18, Madrid

Projekt UFO 17
Projekt UFO 02
Projekt UFO 09
Projekt UFO 12
Projekt UFO 16
Projekt UFO 10
Projekt UFO 04
Projekt UFO 15
UFO, installation, Caja de luz
Projekt UFO 07
Projekt UFO 01

Curated by Adam Mazur


La galería Blanca Soto Arte en colaboración con el Instituto Polaco de Cultura presenta por primera vez en España la obra del Photographer Szymon Roginski (Gdansk, Poland, 1975).


Para esta primera exposición individual en España, Adam Mazur, comirario de la muestra, ha elegido una decena de obras de la serie UFO Project, en las podemos observar el grado de interés del autor por lo desconocido, acercándonos to the line between the document and the fantasy, to the limit of what can be represented.


Incredibly realistic and perfectly orchestrated, Rogisnki 's photographs sow the seeds of faith in something inexplicable. Mystical landscapes, of a modern spirituality, where the emptiness of the countryside visited by extraterrestrials is the evidence of an event that we will never realize until,_cc781905-5cde-3cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_paradoxically, we believe in it.


In this regard, Rogiński's UFO Project addresses faith in a reality that is different from the of the sensible world, leading us to questions that are not abstract at all. Even could be called existential. If people can see the Virgin in a photograph of a windowpane or a tree, why can't we see a UFO in Rogiński's_images ? Is it possible to live totally devoid of faith in the New Age?

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