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Imanol Marrodán. FROZEN TREES

25 junio - 28 julio 2015
Calle Almadén, 13, Madrid
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Trees, extraordinary living beings.


Its discreet and silent presence is barely perceived, perhaps due to its apparent immobility. Silent, confident, so strong and resilient yet so vulnerable and defenseless at the same time and yet we are so dependent on them. There is great dignity in his existence.


They are living beings that will never move from their accidental place where they were born and that will witness a multitude of changes around them. Its branches stretch out patiently, producing the vital oxygen for existence.


Indolent protagonists, mute from the passage of time, trees are a metaphor that make us reflect on contemplation and the slow rhythm that constantly transforms nature, compared to the frantic rhythm of an artificial system created by man that prevents us from reflecting on the essence and importance of values and identities lost in the speed of a barely felt time. A slow and leisurely pace to be able to think carefully and learn to feel again. This is what the trees seem to tell us with their apparent and discreet immobility.


The trees, the snow, the ice and the fog form a timeless static and contemplative tonal atmosphere like a suspended time that contrasts with the trees themselves, which are living beings that depend on the changes of the seasons that form the natural cycle of life. . Its state of hibernation in such extreme conditions further highlights a slow and inexorable measure of time close to dimensionless. They will still be there when we are gone and they will become again the same soil that made them grow.


The project aims to highlight the value and importance of these beings by giving the possibility, through their geographical location within the landscape, to be able to be visited and contemplate their process of growth and slow transformation. The situation where each tree lives has been collected on a map through its geographical coordinates, also converted into Qr codes to be able to visualize on the mobile through otophotographic positioning applications such as Google Earth, the place and environment where they live.


The place where each tree is located on the map can be recognized thanks to its corresponding number.


This series, still in development, is made up of images taken from 2003 to the present. Photographs taken within the Urkiola Natural Park in the vicinity of Mount Anboto.





The images have been printed on high-quality Hahnemühle paper with mineral, carbon, piezographic inks, with different shades of gray in order to capture the atmosphere of low densities and whites, reflecting the greatest amount of modulations of gray tones possible.  




In February 2015, the book titled Anboto will be presented at the CDAN, Art and Nature Center of Huesca.

A project about art and nature. To complete it has taken years and thousands of hours of work.

It is a publication that includes the series Frozen trees and an intervention called "A line of air made with the look". They are part of the larger and more complex project set of this 276-page visual publication.

This publication will serve as a reference and support for this series in PHE2015.


Previously, in addition to numerous references and articles, several author books  have also been published:


I like the color red. 2001

Emotion cores. António Pérez Foundation 2004

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