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Vista Exposición

The central themes of Mirimari Väyrynen's exhibition "HUOM" are both environmental problems and social attitudes on this matter. In his work he is interested in the exploration of the landscape as the field where the whole process of perception and interaction with the world arises. He understands the landscape made up of social, historical, temporal and cultural layers, as well as an archive that stores and reveals the values and phenomena of each era. The concept of landscape has changed in recent decades, people's everyday social and operational environment (the landscape), is both physical and abstract (topography, temperature, vegetation) but also immaterial.


The exhibition will be an installation  designed specifically for the Gallery space, combining the objectual and the pictorial, applying a method and a selection of materials that gain importance in the structuring of the content and in the interpretation of the work. Thus, Mirimari has made oil landscapes (of a slow creative process) as well as industrial products generally used for advertising, such as fluorescent lights or led text screens.


In the urban environment, LED screens call  attention, inform, offer services or products or warn of possible dangers. In the exhibition the artist has wanted to link some of these concepts with the exploration about  the relationship between human beings and nature. There will be led clocks marking local times in different parts of the world where there is a danger of catastrophe (environmental political controversy) thus reflecting the passage of time.


A screen will cross one of the landscapes horizontally, thus questioning the environmental  values, making the  observation  of the landscape annoying and difficult. The image of a 3D forest found on the Internet, interesting for its contradictory content, which seems to represent a familiar and at the same time nostalgic place, and yet it is an image that circulates globally on the Internet and could be reduced to a mathematical code.


The way of perceiving the world and nature are in a state of unquestionable transition, due to the latest technological, social and climatic changes.  The political and social structures used up to now are outdated and the new yet to come, we live in a time of confusion, but it is also a time of creation.


Although today, carrying out work that requires a large amount of time,  is not considered productive or efficient, Mirimari has invested a year of her time in this research work_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ and it is precisely this slow and careful process that gives authentic value to his work of observation, promotion of critical thinking and adaptation to the phenomena  of a changing world.

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