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Ruth Quirce's line of work is always related to the behavior of the universe and its ordering, as well as the idea that the state of the Universe at a given instant,  or "decisive instant", determines the state at any other time.


His new work, which will be exhibited at the Blanca Soto Gallery from April 19, focuses on this occasion on the metric expansion of the space of the universe, specifically on the rescue of small fragments of that expansion as an idea of ruin and above all as these elements are presented in turn as small chosen objects, frozen. Elements that will not be repeated, precious and comfortable.


The metric expansion of space is a scientific question that determines that the spatial dimensions, or "fabric of the Universe," appear to grow as the Universe ages. That is, neither time, nor distance, nor space are absolute. In this way, objects are part of the universe that grows around them and not the other way around, because the universe does not expand into something but grows from within.


Therefore nothing is permanent, and with this exhibition he tries to rescue those elements or moments that will not happen again, also knowing that the present and the future are uncertain.


Nietzsche said “Eternities have elapsed without man existing; when it is extinguished, nothing will have happened.”

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