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Under the title "Outer Memory", Natalia Bazowska will carry out a project in Madrid at the Blanca Soto Gallery at the same time as the exhibition at "Tabakalera San Sebastián" within the Cultural Capital 2016.

"I'm not sure how  nature will have in the next  generations."


Apart from natural evolution,  that causes the appearance of new species and the extinction of others, it is at the present moment, when the human being has the greatest influence on nature throughout its history and that performance causes great changes.


That is why I decided to carry out this project  that records memories and  the memory of nature. 

On the one hand, there are images that are a record of personal experience, related to nature  (private feelings about the natural environment.)


On the other hand, I take advantage of the Internet as a space to collect the information that influences us so much and I deposit this documentation in the form of a video presentation.


The project is a reflection of my memories, where memories amalgamate, come together. The places and moments emerge as free associations to later create a coherent fabric.

As in Natural History Museums, the most valuable pieces  are protected, I would like to keep these memories for posterity in the same way.


Nature is our starting point and reference point, our impulse,  the place from which we all come, and our source of energy, is the place from which we could and should find ourselves.

Being part of it,  nature demands  respect, and if we are aware of this we can obtain something more than  inner harmony...




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