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louis quintero

10 Septiembre - 10 Octubre 2015

Calle Almadén 13, Madrid

Voluntad Ajena
El poeta
Haz lo que debas
Canto de sirena
De tomo y lomo
Mon arc
La expulsión del Paraiso
El buen decir
Ramón intentando ser mejor
Rito de paso
Ratón de biblioteca

The ex-voto facilitates the believer's personal reckoning. Through this humble offering, tribute is paid and favor is returned  to a God who benefits those who, desperate due to adverse circumstances, pray for their end. The disbeliever does not blame any supernatural being  for being the cause of his misfortunes, nor is he grateful for his end.


The artistic movements, which occurred in a society in which these mechanisms worked, sought purity in the different artistic disciplines. They built their message on a bed of their own beliefs and against the previous ones. Today we already know that the search for purity has only produced deaths and in return the bastard enriches.


At present, the absence of a paradigm, (it is still believed in those that occurred 100 years ago  when talking about contemporary art we talk about Picasso) on which to destroy-build has forged endless_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ of routes that do not converge, but rather move away as  advance. Never has art offered  so many proposals. We could say that the absence of a god has expanded the saints, but  of “saints”  orphans. The wider the fan, the stronger the shaft.


"Exvoto Inútil" is an offering to that void, to that disappearance that has freed the author from

corset of conventions. an offering to freedom



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