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The constant search for abstraction and stylization together with the presence of humor and ingenuity in the subjects, as well as the simplicity of the forms, are some of the characteristics that surround the origins of the cartoon. By the 1950s, animated film had become the most technologically advanced form of filmmaking, encompassing fields as diverse as comic cartoons, political satire, folklore, fantasy, abstract art, and even drama. .

Within this cultural mix, the company's animation studioWarner Brosbegan his journey by turning his Looney Tunes cartoon short films into the most popular series in movie theaters until 1969.

Six minutes of crazy chases in which the pursuer tried to catch the pursued being continuously deceived by the greatest cunning of his presumed victim. Subjected to all kinds of catastrophes, the characters star in a chain of monstrosities that, applied to such schematic and stylized figures, caused the spectators to laugh.

The result of all this is Looney World (Crazy World), an exhibition designed specifically for the Blanca Soto gallery in which, through collage, drawing and/or painting, Luis Pérez Calvo and Miguel Ángel Fúnez raise a debate that above all dialogues about the limits of the imagination in the forms of the natural world.

Starting from the extensive fusion between high and low culture, through images and records of universal settlement, the concepts of "perversion" and "irony" are combined postulating a critical statement that narrates some of those conflicting situations about the invasive human presence. in the natural realm. A collection of paradoxical images intervened, manipulated, reorganized and reproduced again that build a world with repeated allusions to the myths of childhood where, without a doubt, it is impossible not to feel assailed by that captivating nostalgia.

In short, a continuous (undoing) of the processes that allow access to painting and the different elements that make up the cartoon, reorganizing them, thus emerging new connections with fiction.

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